Conference Information

Welcome to the 2020 Oregon Housing Conference! We’re glad you’re here.

This web page should contain all the information you need to attend and get the most out of the Oregon Housing Conference.

The password for this page is – ohc2020.

Registration for the conference closed November 27 . Approximately 500 people attended and participated in some part of the conference. We hope you will take what you learn from these sessions and share it with your colleagues.

DAY ONE is the Phoenix and Portland sessions, and the keynote by Margot Kushel, MD.

DAY TWO is the Las Vegas and Los Angeles sessions, and the keynote by Eric Tars, JD.

Note – the conference as of December 3 is RECORDED and you can stop or start the video, or move forward and backward to review.

The full print conference program can be downloaded and reviewed here (PDF).

Both days of the conference are available to you, via these links, for the entire month of December. You can watch or re-watch at anytime.

On December 4 you received an additional email message about continuing education credit. If you want continuing education credit for the conference, the email will a link to a CEU application form which must be finished by December 31. Only persons who have registered for the conference will receive continuing education credit. If you have questions, please contact the conference coordinator.


Presentations and documents shared by session presenters


Senior Housing Solutions (PDF)

Elderly and Homeless – America’s Next Housing Crisis (PDF)

CASS Commemorative 35 Year Magazine (PDF)

CASS Az Republic Silver Tsunami of the Homeless Article 3.11.20 (PDF)


Covid Shut Downs in Southern Nevada and Homelessness (PDF)


Clark County NV Covid Housing Response (PDF)


Government-Run Homeless Camps Could Come To LA –

Project Roomkey Has Placed 9,400 Homeless People Into Temporary Hotel Rooms. Now What? –

A Bridge To Where? Few Exit LA’s ‘Temporary’ Homeless Shelters For Permanent Housing –

Hundreds Of Thousands Are Behind On Rent. Why Won’t Politicians Cancel It? –

Conference Schedule

Oregon Housing Conference – December 1 & 2, 2020


DAY ONE – December 1, 2020 Times are approximate
9:00 AM Welcome to the OHC
9:10 AM Carlos Garcia Phoenix City Council Welcome to the conference
9:20 AM Jessica Boehm The Arizona Republic Phoenix Session
10:00 AM Bruce Liggett Maricopa County Phoenix Session
10:45 AM Lisa Glow, JD Central Arizona Shelter Services Phoenix Session
11:30 AM Ash Uss Andre House Phoenix Session
1:00 PM Margot Kushel, MD Center for Vulnerable Populations Live Keynote and Q&A
2:25 PM Gov. Kate Brown State of Oregon Welcome to the conference
2:30 PM Molly Harbarger The Oregonian Portland Session
3:00 PM Deborah Kafoury &
Jennifer Vines, MD
Multnomah County Portland Session
3:45 PM Drew Grabham, LCSW Portland Street Medicine Portland Session
DAY TWO – December 2, 2020 Times are approximate
9:00 AM Welcome to the OHC
9:10 AM Dina Titus US Congress, Nevada Welcome to the conference
9:20 AM Briana Erickson Las Vegas Review-Journal Las Vegas Session
10:15 AM Tim Burch Clark County Las Vegas Session
11:00 AM Merideth Spriggs Caridad Las Vegas Session
11:45 AM Kathi Thomas-Gibson City of Las Vegas Las Vegas Session
1:00 PM Eric Tars, JD National Homelessness Law Center Live Keynote and Q&A
2:20 PM Judy Chu US Congress, California Welcome to the conference
2:30 PM Meredith Berkson Los Angeles Homeless Service Agency – LAHSA Los Angeles Session
3:00 PM Gale Holland Los Angeles Times Los Angeles Session
3:45 PM Mike Arnold Midnight MIssion Los Angeles Session
4:30 PM Matt Tinoco Los Angeles Independent Journalist Los Angeles Session